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UPDATE:  Friday, October 3, 2014, 12:00 p.m.


This message is applicable until superseded.  


All Wilmington-Area Sites are open and operating normally.  These sites include:


  • Chestnut Run Plaza
  • Experimental Station
  • Glasgow
  • Stine-Haskell Research Center
  • Wilmington Office Buildings

Please see additional information below about how and when this web site will be used.

Adjustments to site opening schedules will be posted as early as possible during inclement weather or other site emergency such as a utility disruption, usually by 5:15 a.m.  Every effort will be made to post notifications earlier, but depending on storm dynamics and circumstances, including timing, it may be as late as 5:15 a.m.  People who normally arrive or commute to work during this period should make appropriate adjustments in their scheduled workday.  If weather conditions or circumstances deteriorate or change significantly after an announcement is made to open the sites, it is conceivable an amended announcement could be made.  For example, if you notice weather conditions worsen in the area, check back periodically for possible updates. 

Generally, radio station announcements may be used for unanticipated emergency notifications such as an off-hour utility disruption.  However, for a utility disruption or inclement weather notification, the primary means of communication are for personnel to call 77-4INFO (774-4636) or 1-800-988-2482 (toll-free) or logon to, as well as e-mail from site leadership.  The DuPont Emergency Notification System (DENS) may also be utilized for a building, site or Wilmington Area communication.  Please see the information below about the new, in 2014, DuPont Emergency Notification System, including how to sign-up to receive notices on your personal (if you choose) and work phone numbers.


Please be reminded that each employee is responsible for their own personal safety. This includes how they conduct work on-site as well as what they should consider in their travels to and from work.

Line management is accountable to ensure employees are aware of expected work practices, including workday schedule changes due to inclement weather or utility disruptions. This includes the Wilmington Area Inclement Weather Pay Policy

Inclement Weather

During inclement weather, exercise caution as you travel on site.  Slippery conditions may be present in some areas.  Please be especially aware of conditions at building entrances and exits, as floors may be wet from personnel traffic. Using proper footwear and taking short, deliberate steps with a crouched center of gravity may help you keep your balance and avoid a slip and fall.

Report any unsafe site conditions due to ice or snow through your normal channels (i.e., contacting FACT, Security, Contract Administrator, etc.) For emergency or quick action needs, ice melt products will be available for your use at each building entrance.



Please continue to logon to, or call 77-4INFO (77-44636), or for long distance service at 1-800-988-2482, or check your email for updated site opening information.



Important Information:


  • Each person is responsible for their own safety and knows if travel to and from their work site is prudent based on their personal situation.  Employees should discuss options with their leadership if they feel the need to adjust their schedules.  For your information, here is the Wilmington-Area Inclement Weather Pay Policy. 


  • Use caution on your way to work.  Take time preparing yourself for snow removal activities.  Dress appropriately and use conscious foot placement when walking – walk like a penguin and watch that first step.


  • Snow removal crews will have been working overnight and early in the morning to make the sites safe, but isolated slippery areas may be present in parking lots and sidewalks.  If there is frozen precipitation, snow removal crews will continue to clear walkways and building entrances, possibly during your arrival.  Please use primary and cleared sidewalks at your site. 


  • Please be aware of conditions at building entrances and exits at your site as floors may be wet from personnel traffic.  


  • Try to use primary roads on your commute.  The conditions of secondary and city streets may not be as good as primary roadways.


Follow your normal process to report any unsafe site conditions due to ice or snow (i.e., contacting FACT, Security, Contract Administrator, etc.). For emergency or quick action needs, ice melt products are available for your use at each building entrance.

For up-to-date weather information and road-conditions, click on the following links: 


DelDot Cameras Live Traffic


Information regarding the status of the sites is available by calling 77-4INFO (774-4636) or 1-800-988-2482 (toll-free), by logging onto (Please remember to hit the Refresh Button to get the latest updates) or by email from Site Administration.




DuPont Emergency Notification System Information (DENS)


If you have not had the opportunity to register for the DuPont Emergency Notification System (DENS) previously, it’s not too late!


 By clicking on this link, DuPont Emergency Notification System, you will land on the Emergency Notification System Home Page.  The page is designed to give you information about DENS and allow you to register by going directly to the service provider website (Amerilert).