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DuPont™ Kevlar® Honeycomb Core

Honeycomb made with KEVLAR® brand fiber is a new innovation for the core materials market. The honeycomb core consists of a series of hexagonal cells made of structural sheet, bonded together to form panels similar in appearance to a cross-sectional slice of a beehive. The panels are exceptionally strong structurally, but contain 90-99 percent open space, so they are also very lightweight.

KEVLAR® is a registered trademark for the high strength, temperature-resistant, aramid sheet structure, staple fiber and filament yarn. This aromatic polyamide product fills the need for materials that combine high temperature endurance with the mechanical and chemical properties required for broad use in industrial, aerospace, marine, military, and recreational applications. KEVLAR®, as well as NOMEX® are electrical insulators - as opposed to graphite or metals. Thus these materials inhibit galvanic corrosion when dissimilar materials are joined together.  This is a major failure mechanism in airplanes where metals and composites are often joined together.

Aerospace is the most typical use for KEVLAR® honeycomb material. KEVLAR® honeycomb offers the flexibility to make planes fly even farther, hulls feel even lighter, and parts be more flexible than ever.  And Airbus was the first aircraft manufacturer to use KEVLAR® core, which helped enable the new Airbus A380 to get off the ground. Found everywhere from exterior wing flaps to interior flooring-and in applications from helicopters to the space shuttle-KEVLAR® allows aircraft manufactures to save weight while helping to keep passengers safe.

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