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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

DuPont™ High Performance Air Filters

DuPont™ Air Filters bring a new level of protection and performance to your indoor environment. These filters use the latest in fiber media technology combined with advanced Microban® antimicrobial product protection to help protect your filter from odor causing bacteria and mold and OGuard™ to combat household odors. To bring you these extraordinary filters, the fibers are enhanced at the molecular level with built-in technology that becomes an integral part of the media  for an added level of protection that lasts the life of the filter. The combination of advanced filter media, Microban® protection and OGuard™ make DuPont filters unlike any others on the market.  
The Benefits You Receive From DuPont™ High Performance Air Filters
  1. Cleaner air.
  2. Cleaner heating & cooling systems that promote the longevity of your system.
  3. More effective air filters protected with Microban® technology which fights the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause odors and adversely affect filter performance.
DuPont™ Air Filters -For Home or Office
DuPont™ Air Filters are suitable for most residential and commercial heating and cooling systems that use air filters of this type. High quality rigid frames are used to prevent unfiltered air from seeping around the filter and moving into your home. DuPont ™ Air Filters not only help protect your indoor environment, but also protect your heating and cooling system.
Can My Home Really Have Cleaner Air?
For every visible particle trapped in your furnace filter such as dust, dirt, and mold, there are as many as 100 more that you cannot see, including bacteria, fungi, and pollen. If not stopped, these micro particles can seep through your heating and cooling system and back into your air. Through independent lab testing, DuPont™ Air Filters have been proven to trap a greater percentage of micro particles than conventional fiberglass filters. So the answer is YES, the air in your home can be cleaner.