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Quality and Reliability

We give priority to reliability and quality of our thin film modules and the performance of our solar PV systems. Our fully IEC compliant in-house testing laboratories are the first of their kind among the world’s thin film PV manufacturers. We continue to advance our quality and reliability standards beyond industry test requirements, especially on damp-heat, humidity freeze, mechanical load, and temperature cycling tests, in which our products demonstrate high tolerance to harsh operating conditions in diverse climates. Together with an internationally accredited manufacturing facility, DuPont Apollo offers complete system solutions with proven quality and reliability to its customers and the photovoltaic industry.

Reliable Encapsulate
DuPont Apollo thin film modules adopt robust packaging design and employ highly reliable encapsulation materials, providing exceptional moisture resistance which can withstand damp-heat tests up to at least 4,000 hours, exceeding IEC’s requirement of 1000 hours and helping to ensure 25 years of reliable operation in all the climates in the world.

Better Endurance under Strong UV Exposure
DuPont Apollo modules demonstrate superior UV stability. Unlike crystalline and CIGS PV modules, DuPont Apollo thin film modules do not have any EVA interlayer between the front glass and the solar cells, which means they are not susceptible to yellowing under prolonged exposure to UV or power drop due to potential browning of the EVA interlayer.

better endurance of thin film pv modules 

Quality Policy
DuPont Apollo strives to exceed its customers’ expectations, by adopting customer oriented ways of working, together with continuous business process optimization.

  • Quality Management System (ISO9001)
  • Product Certification