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Greener and Cleaner
DuPont Apollo thin film modules quietly generate electricity from the sunlight, an abundant and inexhaustible source, without producing waste, noise or polluting the environment. They are emerging as one of the most promising PV technologies for our green future. 

» Environmental Policy

DuPont Apollo commitment: By implementing and maintaining the Environmental Management System (EMS, ISO 14001), we will continuously improve our environmental protection performance and resources utilization, and will make an endeavor to prevent pollution in order to achieve the goal of zero waste and zero emission.

We also commit to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, ISO 14001 requirements, and the other standards we support in our manufacturing, marketing  and distribution activities and will advocate DuPont Commitment of all the principles of “Safety, Health and the Environment Stewardship” (Corporate SHE Standard S2Z).

Dr. David Chu
Dr. David Chu
CEO of Du Pont Apollo Limited

» Green Product Policy

QC 0800000 IECQ HSPM
DuPont Apollo is committed to environmental responsibility and our hazardous substance process management has obtained the internationally recognized IECQ QC 080000 qualification.

DuPont Apollo strives to be the best company with commitment to environmental protection through our efforts and achievements in product developments, manufacturing and services recognized by DuPont Apollo’s stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the public.

In order to reach this, DuPont Apollo commits to:

  • Compliance to International Legislations, for example, RoHS and REACH;
  • Fulfillment for Customer Green Product Requirements, for example, PV Cycle;
  • Implementation of Green Product Design Principles;
  • Continuous Improvement in the Green Product Management System

» Quality Policy

Customer expectation is a virtue we always strive to exceed.

DuPont Apollo is devoted to adopt customer oriented ways of working, together with continuous business process optimization, as the main engine to drive and deliver that ever ascending objective.

PV Cycle Association
DuPont Apollo has become a member of PV Cycle, a European association engaged in setting up voluntary take-back and recycling programs for end-of-life PV modules.

Greener and cleaner