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Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle

DuPont Apollo has made history by being granted the first project under the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle initiative”, supported both by the HKSAR Government and Shenzhen Municipal Government. Established in 2007, the Circle initiative aims to establish the region as a hub for sustainable technologies, and has been designated as part of the PRC's 11th Five-Year Plan.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle
Signing ceremony between HKSAR Government & Shenzhen Municipal Government for the first project under the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle”
 The joint effort of DuPont Apollo and the two Governments is geared to establish a strong Solar Energy Research and Industrial Platform in the region, with Hong Kong as the R&D hub and Shenzhen as the manufacturing base, forming a full value chain for the photovoltaic industry.

Upon the agreement signed in May 2008 on setting up a Thin Film Photovoltaic Business and R&D Centre in Hong Kong, DuPont Apollo has started its R&D operation since March 2009 with over 100 engineers and scientists in place. The R&D Centre is equipped with a test laboratory and a China's first Gen 5 Thin Film PV Pilot Line which is a TÜV standard-compliant, leading the region's efforts in fostering world-class thin film R&D and innovations.

Simultaneously, with the support of Shenzhen Municipal Government, DuPont Apollo will launch its first manufacturing facility in Shenzhen. The manufacturing facility's first production line is expected to be operational by the 4th quarter of 2009, with full scale operation scheduled for 2010.