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With the aim of being a leading global player in the thin film photovoltaic industry, DuPont Apollo established its initial local presence in the China market through its Thin Film Photovoltaic Business and R&D Centre in Hong Kong and a manufacturing facility being established in Shenzhen. 

Headquarters and R&D Centre
Hong Kong Science Park, Hong Kong, China

  • Headquarters Area:
  • R&D Area:
  • No. of Employees:

14,600 sq. ft
21,800 sq. ft
Over 120

Manufacturing Facility
Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China

  • Site Area:
  • Expected No. of Employees:
  • Annual Production Capacity:

50,000 m2 (12.4 acres)
Around 400
80MW (by Q4 2011)

Headquarters and R&D Centre, Hong Kong, China 

Headquarters and R&D Centre in Hong Kong

Shenzhen Manufacturing Facility 

DuPont Apollo Thin Film Photovoltaic Manufacturing Facility in Shenzhen