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InvestHK and Shenzhen Municipal Gov’t win UNCTAD "Green FDI" Award, DuPont Apollo Its Crown Jewels


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September 8, 2010, XIAMEN, FUJIAN PROVINCE, CHINA - Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) together with Shenzhen Municipal Government is one of three first prize winners in the Investment Promotion Awards 2010 announced today (September 8) by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Copenhagen Capacity and the Board of Investment of Mauritius were the other two first prize winners.

The award, presented at the World Investment Forum in Xiamen, Fujian Province, by Executive Director of the International Trade Centre, Ms Patricia Francis, acknowledged InvestHK and Shenzhen Municipal Government for their "excellent collaboration in promoting green investment". Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion at Invest Hong Kong, Mr Andrew Davis, and Deputy Director-General of the Shenzhen Science and Technology, Industry, Trade and Information Committee, Mr Wang Xiaochun, received the award on stage. "Green FDI" is defined as foreign direct investment that helps improve the natural environment and may be found in any industry sector and at all stages and technological levels of the value chain. It includes foreign companies investing in new environmentally friendly projects as well as established ones that invest in cleaner and more efficient processes or technologies.

The UNCTAD Investment Promotion Award recognised the joint efforts by InvestHK and Shenzhen with regards to the strategic project of DuPont Apollo, which opened the first Global Thin Film Photovoltaic Research and Development (R&D) Centre in Hong Kong in 2009 at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks' new Solar Energy Technology Support Centre, and a new manufacturing facility in Shenzhen.

InvestHK's Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Simon Galpin, said, "I am delighted that InvestHK has won this award with Shenzhen Municipal Government. Our collaboration through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle has facilitated the comprehensive promotion of green FDI and enhanced technology knowledge transfer between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. "Our strategic collaboration in the case of DuPont Apollo has reinforced Hong Kong's role as the technological bridge between Mainland China and the world, and its position as a leading R&D hub for renewable energy. We look forward to attracting more overseas green technology enterprises to leverage on this pioneering platform under the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle," he said.

Quoted from Hong Kong Government Website

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