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DuPont Apollo Solar Panels Awarded UL 1000V Certification

Enable More Cost-Effective Solar Installations for U.S. Market

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HONG KONG, January 3, 2014 – Du Pont Apollo Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont specializing in silicon-based thin film solar panels, has announced its newest C3 series solar panels recently received Underwriter Laboratories (UL) 1000V certification.  UL 1000V certified panels, recently approved for use in the U.S. market, can reduce total system costs by as much as 15 percent compared with the previous 600V systems since more panels can be placed in one string, enhancing installation efficiency and system performance.

“DuPont Apollo is very pleased to have obtained UL certification for these new panels and to further expand its customer base by bringing increased cost savings to its customers in the U.S. market,” said Tim Leung, CEO– DuPont Apollo.  “This new panel incorporates the most recent advances in solar technology to enable our customers to install more efficient and durable utility and commercial power plants, more cost-effectively.”

The U.S. electrical code was only recently amended to allow 1000V solar panels, following a similar development in Europe that enables wider use of high-efficiency 1000Vequipment. The total system cost reduction using UL 1000V certified panels produced by DuPont Apollo is achieved by reducing the total number of strings and combiners and minimizing resistive losses. With lower voltage and lighter weight panels, DuPont Apollo C3 series panels can contribute to lower balance of system costs.  By specifying a 1000V system with the new DuPont Apollo panels instead of the previous 600V standard, solar system installers can reduce total system costs by up to 15 percent.

DuPont Apollo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont specializing in silicon-based thin film solar panels. Please visit to learn more.

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