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One-Stop Solar Solution

By using cutting-edge thin film technology, our innovative solar solutions incorporate silicon-based thin film modules, and bring you comprehensive one-stop solar electric solution services.

Our total solution ranges from planning and managing the entire system installation process, including module supply, system design, financing consultation and installation, to post-installation services such as system monitoring and maintenance. By providing a full spectrum of services, we are giving you total peace of mind and helping safeguard your long term investment while maximizing your return on investment.

Solar Electric Systems

Thin film PV systems - Standalone systemOn-grid Thin film PV systems

Wide Applications

Roofing - Residential and CommercialBuilding Integrated PV (BIPV)Solar Farm

Distinctive Thin Film Modules

DuPont Apollo attaches the highest priority to reliability and quality of our thin film modules, in addition to the performance of our solar electric systems.  We offer a wide range of high quality modules that optimize energy output and allow our professional engineers to create custom solutions for your homes and businesses.

Our modules create tremendous values, both economically and environmentally, bringing you peace of mind throughout the life of ownership.

» Higher Return on Investment

With their weak light absorption capability, DuPont Apollo thin film modules can generate much more electricity output (kWh) under the same cost structure, and therefore provide a better return on investment.

» Shorter Energy Payback Period

With absorber layer thickness only about 1/200 of that of traditional crystalline cells, DuPont Apollo thin film modules consume little silicon and less encapsulant, and therefore are produced with less electricity, delivering the benefit of an effective energy payback period.

» Scale-up Capability and Reliability

Our thin film modules feature modular and monolithic nature that gives rise to higher reliability and better performance ratio than crystalline solar panels, whose reliability and performance is subject to the risk factor of solder joints.

» Building Integration and Wide Applications

With unique “see-through” capability and aesthetic design, DuPont Apollo thin film modules can seamlessly integrate into a building and the city landscape. They can be used as rooftops, curtain walls, canopies, facades, acoustic barrier, or ground-mounted solar farms.

» Green and Clean

Unlike crystalline solar panels, the entire manufacturing process of DuPont Apollo thin film modules is almost emission free.  It generates electricity quietly from sunlight, an abundant and inexhaustible source, without producing waste, noise nor polluting the environment.

DuPont Apollo thin film PV modules
Be it roof-mounted, ground-mounted or for green building projects, DuPont Apollo thin film PV
modules are able to provide ideal energy solutions