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PV Systems Financing Support

Bankable Product with Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)

Sustainable Guarantee
25-Year module’s performance warranty is supported by a financially healthy company with more than 200 years of history.

Total Photovoltaic SolutionsTo contribute to a lower LCOE, our total photovoltaic solutions provide customers with a broad range of services including specification and qualification of balance of system components, reference system design, design verification, and project management consultation.

Financing Support
With extensive DuPont’s bridge loan programs, DuPont Apollo is able to facilitate its strategic customers in accessing bank loans.  We help customers by improving liquidity and lowering cost of capital through an extension of financing terms by accessing to low rate USD financing.

Dragon Financing
3-Year USD LC financing at attractive rates based on DuPont’s strong credit rating (applicable for products provided by DuPont, including BOS components sourced through DuPont). Customers can significantly reduce financing cost and improve liquidity with this program.

Strong Understanding of Materials
DuPont’s broad and growing portfolio of photovoltaic materials with 25 years plus years of proven field performance enables in-depth technical know-how of energy harvesting and product reliability.

DuPont Brand Equity increases Project’s Bankability & Resell value
With 200 years of history of a well-known Fortune 500 company, the DuPont brand, which manifests quality and reliability, allows higher bankability and resell value for the projects developed with DuPont modules and materials.

financing support


DuPont Apollo thin film PV modules
Be it roof-mounted, ground-mounted or for green building projects, DuPont Apollo thin film PV
modules are able to provide ideal energy solutions