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PV System Solutions Offerings

Equipped with state-of-the-art research laboratories, a modern manufacturing facility fully compliant to IEC standards and years of PV project development DuPont Apollo is able to benefit from vertical integration and provide turnkey solutions in selected situations.  Our system solutions cover project assessment, planning & development, finance channeling and facilitation, project management of the entire system installations process, from module supply, system design to construction, to post-installation services such as system monitoring and maintenance.  By providing a full spectrum of services, DuPont Apollo gives customers a peace of mind and helps customers secure long term investments.

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» Solar Farm: roof-mounted or ground-mounted

Silicon-based thin film PV modules are characterized by exceptional power performance even under less than ideal weather conditions such as overcast and rainy days, and have a better tolerance to damp heat and humidity. These unique product features and capabilities enable them to provide ideal energy solution for roof-mounted and ground mounted PV projects.

ground mounted pv modules roof mounted pv modules  

» Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

With a uniform aesthetic surface appearance and unique “see-through” capability, DuPont Apollo thin film modules can be seamlessly integrated into a building and the city landscape Such features allow for creative and aesthetic applications of building integrated PV (BIPV) for skylights, curtain walls, windows, canopies, facades, and sunshade while generating electricity.

bipv exterior mounted pv modules bipv interior mounted pv modules 

» Off-grid/Standalone System for Rural

To improve rural living, DuPont Apollo has developed stand-alone solar applications to provide ideal energy and water solutions for remote and isolated areas.

off grid pv modules off grid pv modules
off grid pv modules 

DuPont Apollo thin film PV modules
Be it roof-mounted, ground-mounted or for green building projects, DuPont Apollo thin film PV
modules are able to provide ideal energy solutions