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Silicon-based Thin Film PV Module Offerings

DuPont Apollo offers  reliable silicon-based thin film PV modules globally and provides system solutions in selected situations.  DuPont Apollo‚Äôs silicon-based thin film PV modules are characterized by high power performance even under less than ideal weather conditions such as overcast and rainy days and hot and humid climates and have  superior tolerance to damp heat and humidity.  These unique product features and capabilities enable them to provide an ideal energy solution for roof-mounted and ground mounted PV projects, off-grid standalone applications and building integrated PV (BIPV) for green architecture.

Our module types include: 

DuPont Apollo PV modules are internationally recognized,  have obtained  IEC 61646, IEC 61730, and UL 1703 certifications, and are manufactured in an ISO 9001, QC 080000 and LEED compliant facility.

DuPont Apollo thin film PV modules
Be it roof-mounted, ground-mounted or for green building projects, DuPont Apollo thin film PV
modules are able to provide ideal energy solutions