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Artistri® 2500 Series
Acid Dye Ink

Brilliant ink for digital textile printing

  • Specially formulated for industrial aqueous-compatible, medium viscosity  piezo-electric printheads. 
  • Used primarily for printing on nylon, wool, silk and nylon/elastane blends.
  • Excellent end-use properties over a very wide range of color offerings.
  • Properties tailored to fit the appropriate application from sea water and chlorine fastness to lightfastness.
  • Applications: activewear, swimwear, intimate apparel, flags, banners and accessories including ties and scarves.

Each ink is available in twenty liter boxes (2 x 10L bottles) in the following colors:


A2510C Cyan (for Silk)

 A2580 Blue

  A2510N Cyan (for Nylon/Elastane Blends) A2560 Orange
  A2510 Magenta  A2515 Lt. Cyan 
  A2530 Yellow  A2525 Lt. Magenta
  A2540 Jet Black  A2545 Lt. Black
  A2550 Red