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Advancing Asphalt Test Methods for Rutting and Fatigue

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In a comprehensive review of asphalt testing methods, Hussain Bahia and coauthors describe advances from traditional Superpave elastic recovery, toughness and tenacity tests for predicting the durability of polymer-modified asphalt mixes. Their study included work by the University of Wisconsin at Madison to assess 19 binders, including 8 made with Elvaloy® RET, for resistance to permanent deformation and fatigue.

"The results show that modification with SBS and Elvaloy® additives can significantly improve resistance of binders to rutting and fatigue damage"

Excerpt from presentation:
Advancements in Characterization of Polymer Modified Asphalts
by Hussain Bahia and Codrin Daranga, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
and Kitae Nam, University of Washington, Pullman, USA
NOTE: This presentation was given at the Fifth Mexican Asphalt Congress in Cancun, August 2007