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DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET fights temperature and fatigue cracking

Asphalt can be made more resistant to thermal and fatigue cracking by increasing binder flexibility and internal resilience at a molecular level.  Elvaloy® RET is a reactive terpolymer that "locks in" the extra performance needed for longer wear and wider temperature tolerance.  

Bending Beam Tests Compare Cold-Temperature Performance

Elvaloy® RET broadly outperformed grafted SBS in tests conducted in granite and limestone aggregates, by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. » Learn more
Wheel Path Cracking Study in Northern Ontario
On Canada Highway 655 north of Timmins, Ontario, a pavement trial was constructed in 2003. Seven test sections (one with Elvaloy┬« RET) were inspected annually for top-down fatigue cracking after cold winters. » Survive cold winters
Cycles to Failure: Comparing 8 Polymer Modifiers
Eleven binders were used in this study of fatigue failure.  The mixes made with Elvaloy® RET far outdistanced the other samples in terms of cycles to failure. » Sustained flexibility
Technical studies
Other Technical References

Scientific testing and real roads confirm superior Elvaloy® RET performance.

Hesp Research Group Ranks Elvaloy® RET #1

The Hesp Research Group at Queen's University, Canada, has ranked Elvaloy® RET as best performer in low-temperature pavement trials conducted for Highway 655.

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