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Technical studies and expert papers confirm performance of Elvaloy® RET

Pavement experts are seeing increasingly consistent and predictable service life advantages for polymer-modified asphalts (PMAs) made with RET and SBS. See reports comparing data for binder and mix resistance to rutting, fatigue, thermal cracking and stripping.

TRB Shares Latest Science

Learn what experts say about the latest asphalt binder test methods and specifications in a recent report by the Transportation Research Bureau (TRB). » Learn from experts
Review Rutting Research
Learn more about how Elvaloy® RET compares in government and university lab testing and field trials. Includes new Multiple Stress Creep Recovery (MSCR) references. » Rutting studies
Review Cracking Studies (Thermal and Fatigue)
When using Elvaloy® RET modifier in asphalt pavements subject to wide temperature swings or heavy loads, the modified binder's internal resilience helps absorb forces without cracking.  » Cracking studies
Review Stripping (Moisture Susceptibility)
A key to longer-lasting pavement is aggregate adhesion to the binder after repeated moisture and temperature exposures.  DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier helps prevent premature failure. » Stripping technical data
ret chemistry
RET Creates a More Resilient Molecule

Technical studies reveal a more resilient asphalt binder, improved at the molecular level.

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