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DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) RET

Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier works where pavement performance matters most

The asphalt modifier, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET, creates a permanently improved bitumen-based binder that delivers long-lasting performance in well-engineered pavements.

paving with asphalt modifier

Types of Paving that Benefit from Asphalt Modifier

Pavement reinforced with Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier can take higher loads, longer ... for projects where sustained smoothness and safety are most important. » In places that matter
RET asphalt modifier
Climate and Geographic Factors
Using RET asphalt modifier can help pavement last longer ... in hotter climates, or colder ones, or both.  Elvaloy┬« RET often improves high-temperature performance, as well as cold cracking resistance. » All-climate reactive terpolymer
RET asphalt modifier case studies
Examples from Around the World
See examples of paving projects from around the world, incorporating DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier. » Project examples
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What Makes a Better Asphalt Modifier?

Modified asphalt producers, contractors, highway engineers and infrastructure investors each find benefits.