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Improving Asphalt Properties by Geography or Climate Range

Around the world, engineers and contractors typically want to maximize asphalt properties to meet local conditions. 

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Testing Local Asphalt Properties

Base asphalt properties vary from source to source. Local binder suppliers can pre-test their base asphalt in a lab setting, to determine optimum addition rates for Elvaloy® RET. After modification, the new binder will typically meet higher performance specs.  » Testing local asphalt
Reduced Rutting in Hot Climates
hot climates
India's GVK Desert Zone Expressway
GVK Expressway (Jaipur to Kishangarh) in the State of Rajasthan is located in a high-temperature desert zone, with sections subject to heavy traffic. » See project details
A Key Brasil Transportation Corridor
Rodovia Anhangüera (SP-330), a 4-lane toll highway, connects São Paulo with the state's hotter northern areas. » Avoiding ruts
Reducing Cold Cracking
Fighting the Freeze in Russia
A landing strip, ramp, taxiways and a drainage system were reconstructed using RET at Magadan airport. » Allows heavier aircraft
Challenging Canadian Winters
Pavements made with different modifiers were tested side-by-side in Timmins, Ontario, where winter temperatures reached 50-year lows. » No cracks in RET-modified sections
Managing Hot-Cold Range Extremes
Outlasting Others in a High Desert Climate
Oregon "high desert" highway sections built in 1991 using Elvaloy® RET outlasted all other modified binder sections, in a service environment marked by heavy truck traffic and severe temperature cycles. » Hard-working resilience
Montana Maintenance Costs Reduced
Project engineers wanted all the temperature range they could get, to fight cracking and rutting with a better-built pavement.  » RET crack-free
asphalt paving additive projects
It's In the Chemistry

Improved asphalt properties with Elvaloy® RET are being reported in numerous technical studies