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High-altitude cross-Peru road starts to connect local economy

The road that goes from Limacpunco to Huaya, Peru, was recently repaved using Elvaloy® RET.  The road is part of the Transoceanica project, crossing Peru and helping indigenous families move goods to market.  It also serves tourism and helps bring better medical care into the region.  Elvaloy®  RET was selected for higher-altitude sections (above 3500 m), facing low temperatures year-round. Binder cold-temperature performance, storage stability, and easy handling helped convince the contractor to choose RET modifier technology.

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cracked pavement
How Elvaloy® RET Fights Thermal Cracking
Elvaloy® RET helps create a more resilient pavement, which resists thermal cracking, as shown in cold-weather field tests and proven high-altitude service. » Avoiding thermal cracks
technical research findings
Northern Ontario Study Compares Binders for Thermal Cracking
Polymer modified binder made with Elvaloy® RET survived record-breaking cold weather conditions in this Canadian government research. » Download Tecnhical Report