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Popular road for trucks, shopping and tourism in Pennsylvania's Amish region

US 41, Gap PAThis busy section of route US-41 near Gap, Pennsylvania, is downhill, leading to an intersection with lots of truck traffic, as well as tourism and shopping traffic related to local Amish attractions. There had been problems with previous pavements, but the section made with Elvaloy® RET has shown no problems after 5 years.

"This mix containing Elvaloy® was much easier to work than the 76-22. The paver operator also agreed it ran through the paver nicely. This mix has a more workable consistency. It required no more roller passes than the 76-22 and did not need to be vibrated as hard. This mix did not push or crack when rolling."

McMinn's Asphalt Co., Inc.
Lancaster PA

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How Elvaloy® RET Fights Rutting
Experts agree that Elvaloy® RET helps build asphalt pavements that stay smoother, longer. Learn how the reactive terpolymer uniquely enhances binder resilience. » Avoid ruts
Intersections Stay Smoother with RET
At an intersection in Adelaide, Australia, binder made with Elvaloy® RET showed less rutting in a side-by-side lane test. » Measured success