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Modified binder can be made quickly and easily using DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET

For asphalt terminals wanting a fast, easy way to supply modified binder, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET reactive elastomeric terpolymer can be a smart, profitable choice.  It's simple to use, works with a variety of asphalt source materials, stores and ships easily, and requires less energy and less expensive production equipment compared with other common polymer modifiers such as SBS.

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How to Process Reactive Elastomeric Terpolymer

Compared with other asphalt modifiers, Elvaloy® RET is typically used in smaller amounts, with gentler mixing and reduced worry about separation. » Handling and equipment
Pre-Testing the RET Reaction
Easy-handling pellets of Elvaloy® RET can be pre-tested in a lab to predict the mixing time and modified binder properties achieved with a given base material.  » Testing the addition rate
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Modified Binder Chemistry
With Elvaloy® RET, improvements in modified binder performance don't settle out, or evaporate, or fade, or wear off with age. The terpolymer chemically unites with asphalt, creating a permanent change at the molecular level. » Reaction chemistry
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"Lock in" pavement performance using RET-modified binder

Explore RET paving project examples from around the world, compare RET with SBS, or sign up for updates from DuPont related to Elvaloy® RET.