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DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) RET

For Polymer Modified Asphalt That Delivers Maximum Service Life

Tests show that polymer modified asphalt made with Elvaloy® RET can help fight the four main ways pavement often fails: rutting, stripping, cold cracking and fatigue cracking.

prevent rutted pavement

Resists Rutting

Repeated heavy loads can cause asphalt pavements to permanently deform over time, most noticeably forming unsafe ruts in a travel lane or intersection. » Avoid rutting
cracked pavement
Fights Temperature Cracking
One of the principal reasons for considering a polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) is to enable the use of paving material that can resist cold cracking and yet still remain resistant to rutting. » Fight thermal cracks
stress cracked pavement
Postpones Fatigue Cracking
Because Elvaloy® RET adds to pavement resilience, modified asphalt can better fight fatigue cracking.   » Longer road life
stripping test samples
Reduces Binder Stripping
Aggregates are easy to coat using binder made with Elvaloy® RET, and remain strongly bonded after moisture and freeze-thaw exposure.  » Durable adhesion
Polymer modified asphalt research findings
Storage Stable, Shippable
The locked-in performance properties of binders made Elvaloy® RET result from the polymer's fluid-state reaction with asphalt. Source, store and ship polymer-modified asphalt strategically to meet local project requirements. » How Elvaloy® RET is made
The Easy-Working PMA Mix
Contractors report smooth spreading, easy hand-working and faster, problem-free compaction of asphalt mixes made with RET-modified binder. » Easy to work with
multistress creep recovery
Less Deformation
from Repeated Stress

Pavement deformation results from accumulated unrecovered compliance from repeat stresses on the binder. 

Hesp Research Group Ranks Elvaloy® RET #1

The Hesp Research Group at Queen's University, Canada, has ranked Elvaloy® RET as best performer in low-temperature pavement trials conducted for Highway 655.

Elvaloy RET
Proven Worldwide

Paving experiences, test results, and expert papers show wide acceptance of RET performance benefits.