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Testing and Processing Asphalt Binders with Elvaloy® RET

Producing a higher-performing asphalt binder delivers value to contractors and project owners, and is often a key requirement for today's more highly engineered paving projects.

Pre-Testing the Reaction

The reactive component of Elvaloy® RET terpolymer has a predictable rate of reaction with a given asphalt source. Pre-testing in a lab helps optimize processing conditions.  » Testing it first
mixing tank design
Design of Proper Mixing
DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET is a pelletized terpolymer that needs distributive and dispersive mixing design in order to faclitate reaction with available asphaltenes. » Mixing design guidance
Producing PMA with RET
The chemical reaction of Elvaloy® RET terpolymer with asphalt takes place in a heated mixing tank with gentle stirring (no high-shear mill needed). When the reaction is done, the modified asphalt binder has permanently improved properties. » Making the PMA
ret chemistry
Understanding How it Works

Understand how to produce a more resilient, less deformable, more easily-worked and less moisture-sensitive modified asphalt binder.

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