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Production Process for PMA Manufacturing with Elvaloy® RET

Modifying asphalt using Elvaloy┬« RET involves controlled feeding of the terpolymer (as free-flowing, meltable pellets) into a heated mixing tank.  The product chemistry allows the RET (in melted form) to interlock with asphalt as the two ingredients flow together. Keeping the materials stirred gently, in a heated vessel, keeps the terpolymer locking itself into the asphalt, until the reaction is complete.

PMA production

Production Guide for RET-Modified Binder

Step-by-step suggestions are presented for the manufacture of high-performance PMA using Elvaloy® RET, with and without catalyst technology. » Download the guide (PDF)

ret guides
Before starting to produce PMA using RET and a new asphalt source, be sure to pretest the asphalt's reaction with RET in a lab, and assure that you have proper mixing capability.