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DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) RET

Anti-strip properties of an asphalt binder can be enhanced by using DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET modifier

Fighting Pavement Failure 
After a few years of service in India, side-by-side expressway lanes (above) show better binder retention with Elvaloy® RET-modified asphalt (right lane).
Stripping away of asphalt binder from an aggregate can result from weather, environmental and wear factors. Loss of binder reduces aggregate adhesion at the pavement surface, and eventually deeper into the mix as moisture damage penetrates further into the friction course.

The reduced moisture susceptibility of asphaltic cement enhanced by modification with Elvaloy┬« RET is shown in lab tests and improved pavement service life. 
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Documenting Improved Anti-Strip Performance

In lab settings and on real projects, paving experts are observing reduced moisture susceptibility for binders modified with Elvaloy®. » Explore stripping studies