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DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) RET

Fatigue cracking can be reduced or eliminated using a more resilient RET-modified asphalt binder

Fighting Pavement Failure 
Review technical references showing reduced fatigue cracking with RET.
By changing asphalt binder resilience at a molecular level, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET "locks in" stronger performance throughout the binder. Unlike a "mixed-in" modifier, the RET reactive terpolymer creates a more intrinsic, non-separating change in binder properties.

The improved properties are uniformly dispersed, because of RET's deeper, fluid-fluid contact and chemical bonding. Resulting binders offer more resilience to internal stresses, and are less susceptible to fatigue cracking.
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Technical Research Papers Available

Learn more about fatigue tests that have been performed on various asphalt paving mixes (including mixes made with RET-modified binders) using bending beam equipment and other lab methods. » Designing for long life