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Modified asphalt made with Elvaloy® RET fights the causes of pavement failure

Modified asphalt based on Elvaloy┬« RET helps fight four main pavement failure mechanisms: rutting, stripping, cold cracking and fatigue cracking.

prevent rutted pavement

Resists Deformation

Repeated heavy loads can cause asphalt pavements to permanently deform over time, most noticeably forming unsafe ruts in a travel lane or intersection. » Reduce pavement rutting
cracked pavement
Fights Cold Cracking
An RET-modified asphalt enables use of paving materials that are less brittle, yet highly resistant to rutting. » Prevent thermal cracks
stress cracked pavement
Improves Fatigue Life
Elvaloy® RET improves pavement resilience at the molecular level, to better resist fatigue cracking. » Reduce fatigue cracking
stripping test samples
Improves Binder Adhesion
A properly coated aggregate stays coated longer with Elvaloy® RET, even through repeated freeze-thaw cycles.  » Improve anti-strip performance
"Locked-In" Enhancements
Hydrocarbon chemistry enables development of a reactive terpolymer imparting permanently enhanced elastomeric properties in an asphaltic cement.  » A reactive polymer
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On the Road with Elvaloy®

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modified asphalt molecules
Modified asphalt testing and production with RET

A simple lab test determines binder reaction, helping optimize addition levels and performance results with Elvaloy® RET.