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Preventing pavement thermal cracks using Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier

Fighting Pavement Failure 
Review technical studies documenting RET resistance to thermal cracking.
Thermal cracks in pavement occur when temperature-related forces of expansion and contraction exceed a binder's ability to stretch or compress enough to conform to these movements. Cracking often starts with damage so small it's invisible to the eye.

By creating a more resilient binder at a molecular level, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier can help prevent thermal cracks.

Technical References Available

Learn more about test results and field inspections showing reduced temperature-related cracking of asphalt pavements made with RET-modified binder. » Study the technical findings
Project Examples
Cold winters and wide temperature service ranges are a good reason to specify asphalt binder made with RET. » See project examples