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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

Fighting Counterfeit Pesticides

Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions from DuPont Authentication protects food growers and distributors from counterfeit pesticides

DuPont Crop Protection (DCP) is one of the top five companies in the Agriculture industry, with significant new product lines to support the megatrend of increasing food production across the planet.

"The DCP anti-counterfeiting program is proof that with a clear brand protection strategy, advanced authentication technology, and an engaged supply chain counterfeiting can be significantly reduced. We thank the DCP organization for being part of the solution to protect our global food supply, lives, and the environment."
Peter Waker - Global Business Director DuPont Authentication
Faced with the threat of counterfeiting, diversion and tampering, DuPont Crop Protection initiated a Global Anti-Counterfeit Program in 2003 starting in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region protecting its Distributors and Growers from counterfeit pesticides. In 2008, the Rynaxypyr® Insect Control (IC) line was launched in China with the best practice of protecting and educating customers on how to validate authentic DuPont products. In 2012, the launch of Cyazypyr® IC included the next generation Izon® Brand Protection with the DuPont Authentication Traceology™ Vision Product Tracking System for secure supply chain illumination.

DuPont Authentication solutions are uniquely poised to combat threats in a pro-active manner. Whether those threats are counterfeiting, warranty/copyright fraud or diversion, DuPont utilizes a prevention program that provides unique design and technology to give a competitive edge. DCP’s global anti-counterfeiting program is recognized as the most effective overt program in the Agriculture Industry as recognized by market surveys.


"We have a strong desire to know and understand our customers better, build a strong relationship with them so we can better meet their needs to enable their success, and further build our competitive advantage."
David Delaney – Rynaxypyr® Product Manager - Global Marketing, DuPont Crop Protection
There are six key steps to avoid counterfeits.
  1. Purchase only from authorized registered Distributors. Never purchase from mobile sources.
  2. Request an invoice with trademarked product listed and quantity.
  3. Be wary if price is too low. If it is too good to be true, it probably is!
  4. Avoid partially or incomplete labels. This is most likely illegal product.
  5. If product is suspect, contact your Distributor, DuPont Representative or DuPont hotline. Report any questionable product to the authorities and DO NOT USE. It is illegal to use unregistered Crop Protection products.
  6. Look for the Izon® overt security device on all genuine DCP Ryanaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® products.

What additional solutions does DuPont use to combat counterfeiting?

  • Involvement in industry organizations such as Croplife, ECPA, etc.
  • Close interaction with key stakeholders such as Customs, Governments, Transportation companies
  • Cooperation with competitors, in order to fight a common problem
  • Training of the value-chain to distinguish original from fake products and report fakes
  • Set-up of communication tools: dedicated brochures, websites, videos, call-centers
  • Creation of networks in the business unit, featuring members of all functions who dedicate their time to the anti-counterfeiting effort in their region
  • Security audits of the value-chain
  • Trademark and copyright protection with global Legal support
  • Next generation Izon® migration plan to stay well ahead of counterfeit threats

What are the Results?

  • Surveys conducted in the marketplace show DuPont as the most recognized company in fighting counterfeiting by Growers
  • Increases in Net Promoter Score based on Customer Loyalty Surveys are evidence of the importance of purchasing authentic product
  • Raids conducted leading to counterfeit material seized, court-cases, fines and incarceration.
  • Reduction of counterfeiting activity
  • Increased awareness of Brand Protection for Growers

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