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Authentic boxed AMD Athlon™ 64 FX, AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron™ and AMD Opteron™ processor-in-box (PIB) products are among the first in the industry to adopt a 3-D holographic label incorporating  DuPont™ Izon® technology.

Newly designed AMD holographic label uses one of the most secure authentication technologies available, helping AMD customers more easily authenticate AMD PIB products. Genuine processors purchased through authorized AMD distributors or resellers help ensure that customers are receiving a high-performance product that meets AMD’s rigorous qualification requirements.

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Launch Included Distributor Training

AMD's Athlon™ 64 FX, Athlon 64, Sempron™ and Opteron™ PIB products have the holographic label on the bottom left corner of the packaging. The label combines an overt authentication feature, tamper evident construction, and a tightly controlled secure supply chain, making it extremely difficult to duplicate. It consists of a three-dimensional, full-parallax view surrounding the AMD Arrow logo that shows dots arranged in a pattern: from one dot to two dots, three dots and four dots as it is viewed from different angles. AMD used various communication vehicles to inform worldwide customers about this new feature, including e-communication, customer training, and point-of-sale marketing materials.

Putting customers first

“As a customer-centric company, AMD is always striving to improve the overall computing experience for end users,” said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager, Microprocessor Business Unit, Computation Products Group, AMD. “AMD believes these security enhancements provide customers a fast, effective way of authenticating AMD PIB, and also help better protect their consumer rights upon purchase.”


Boxed processors are a popular choice for PC consumers and system builders who want the flexibility of choosing their components to assemble their PC. Each PIB product includes an AMD-branded processor, an AMD qualified heatsink and fan, and a three-year limited warranty. Communications and education about use of the product includes tips on checking for PIB authenticity.


"As a worldwide distributor, Avnet welcomes any activities from its suppliers that allow its customers to easily identify original product through the channel and to the point of purchase," said Raj Suman, European product marketing director, Avnet EMEA. "We believe that AMD’s educational campaign on authentic 'Processor-in-a- Box' can only help to ensure our customers are even better protected moving into 2005."