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DuPont Authentication Leads Panel Discussion at IQPC Industry Conference

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SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., January 27, 2011 - DuPont Authentication led a panel discussion on understanding anti-counterfeit technology needs and how DuPont develops their Anti-Counterfeit Solutions to meet these needs.  Global brand owners joining DuPont as guests on the panel were Eli Lilly and Company, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) and Pioneer Hi-Bred International.  The panel discussion focused on a few key themes that were echoed across the 4 different brand owners. 
  1. An overt solution is necessary to create engagement across the different user groups including enforcement and end-user/consumer communities.
  2. Layered anti-counterfeit technology is necessary to ensure greater sophistication and security when designing a complete brand protection strategy
  3. The size and established reputation of a brand protection provider is extremely important when deciding which provider to choose.  The risk of losing your small and/or young technology partner to insolvency is just as great as the risk of actual counterfeiting.
  4. Unless key management teams and processes are put into place throughout the organization any anti-counterfeit failure is destined to fail over time or produce less than desirable results.
  5. Developing management processes and gaining cross functional support can seem like an insurmountable task but will be well worth the payoff with the success of a long term brand protection program.

IQPC Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection
DuPont display table with commercial examples of DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions. 
IQPC Anti-Counterfeiting & Brand Protection
Members of DuPont Authentication North American team talking with interested conference attendees during Demo Drive session. 

John Dowd, global sales and marketing director for DuPont Authentication, hosted the panel discussion with the following guests:  Amy L.S. Vangeloff (Eli Lilly), Allan Rich (AMD) and Bruce Hall (Pioneer Hi-Bred).  John stated, "The IQPC event was the perfect forum for candid business discussions. It is clear that business leaders from all industry segments are feeling the negative impacts of counterfeiting. Significant revenue loss, reduced customer loyalty and increased litigation costs were the three most common negative impacts cited. DuPont is delighted to help customers improve business performance with leading Izon technologies and consulting solutions."

DuPont Authentication also sponsored a demonstration booth where conference attendees were able to learn about DuPont’s advanced holographic security technology and view some commercial examples of anti-counterfeit solutions in the market today.  The booth was a huge success.  The marketing appeal and customized design capabilities of the security labels, along with the variety of industries and applications secured by DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions, impressed the conference attendees.