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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

DuPont Authentication Speaks at IQPC Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting Interactive Forum in Denmark

May 2011, GENEVA, Switzerland - John Dowd, global sales and marketing director for DuPont Authentication, and Tom McHale , Anti-counterfeiting manager for DuPont Crop Protection presented their experiences of developing and implementing global brand-protection programs.

John Dowd, global sales and marketing director for DuPont Authentication
John Dowd leads the discussion during the question and answer portion of the forum  
Tom McHale , Anti-counterfeiting manager for DuPont Crop Protection
Tom McHale discusses his experience managing a global brand protection program within the agricultural industry 
A world-class Anti-Counterfeit program requires best in class technology and business processes with well-defined, cross-functional leadership alignment. These four steps are essential:
  1. Assess Counterfeit Problems & Impacts
  2. Define Goals and Strategy & Align Organization
  3. Develop & Implement Program and Business Processes
  4. Measure Success & Establish Migration Path

A layered anti-counterfeit approach allows you to link strategy to technology and reach the target audience. Utilizing different authentication technologies in different parts of the product chain allows for greater security and sophistication of your total brand protection solution while providing stronger downstream enforcement and prosecution.  Allowing end-users to authenticate products allows for the multiplication of the anti-counterfeiting effort, and drives organized crime out of those product-lines, after facing reduced demand. Industry-approach experiences such as ECPA - European Crop Protection Association might take some years to develop, but they present high return-on-investment and high consumer satisfaction.

The DuPont Authentication European Sales & Marketing team presented a demonstration booth where conference attendees were able to learn about DuPont brand protection programs and view some commercial examples of anti-counterfeit solutions in the market today, in industries such as pharmaceuticals, sportswear, electronics, agriculture, spirits.  The marketing appeal and customized design capabilities of the authentication-devices, along with the variety of industries and applications secured by DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions, impressed the conference attendees.

John Dowd stated, "It was a pleasure to have candid business discussions with leaders of European multinationals, facing global threats to their brands. DuPont is delighted to help customers in Europe, Middle-East & Africa improve business performance with leading technologies and consulting solutions. It was very interesting to discuss with brand-owners the top five issues they are facing:

  • Prioritization of budget allocation, and use of more effective tools, in order to increase the ROI of brand protection activities
  • Remaining updated on anti-counterfeiting technologies & strategies
  • Balancing offline & online enforcement
  • How to engage top-management more effectively
  • Best practices in promoting an industry-approach against counterfeiting"