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Wilmington, DE, June 8, 2006

DuPont Authentication: for Complete Brand Authentication and Security Systems

New DuPont Unit Will Integrate Complementary Technologies to Meet a Broad Range of Requirements Worldwide

DuPont today announced that it has formed DuPont Authentication to provide comprehensive brand authentication and security solutions to customers worldwide.

Underscoring the company's commitment to the global security market, this new business unit brings together the former DuPont Authentication Systems (DAS) and DuPont Security and Solutions (DS&S) organizations.  It will provide customers one broad platform of highly effective and easy-to-use complementary authentication products and services that address a full range of brand, product and document security requirements.

"DuPont now provides a more complete authentication package to leading brand owners and governments for protection against counterfeiting, tampering and fraud," said Peter Compo, managing director, DuPont Displays and Authentication.  "By bringing together all of our capabilities, we also can develop next generation products more quickly and make doing business with DuPont easier."

At the core of DuPont Authentication's offerings are three complementary technologies; DuPont™ Izon® authentication labels utilize proprietary materials to form deep, three-dimensional overt images for immediate, unambiguous product and document authentication and can be combined with various levels of covert and electronic assurance features to meet specific customer requirements.  DuPont Authentication is also the exclusive marketer of Color-Spectra Film and Bio-Molecular Marker technologies, developed by identif GmbH.  Color-Spectra Film is a patented, optical coding system that provides both visible and machine-readable product authentication.  Bio-Molecular Marker is a synthetic DNA-based security feature that enables machine-readable authentication.

DuPont Authentication integrates these offerings with other leading technologies to form customer-specific solutions that enable brand owners worldwide to safeguard their products and businesses throughout the supply chain against counterfeit and diversion.

"We're not just selling products," said Compo.  "First, we help customers determine the magnitude of their problem.  Then, in collaboration, we design a comprehensive program that incorporates the overt, covert, and track and trace systems that maximize customers' profits.  Finally, we set up a method of monitoring the legitimate products through their supply chains."

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