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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

DuPont Refrigerants uses DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions for Brand Assurance Program

 DuPont™ Izon® 3D holographic technologyDuPont Refrigerants takes industry leadership positioning by introducing a comprehensive Brand Assurance program for their refrigerant brands.  The goal of the program is to curb the sale of counterfeit DuPont refrigerants and to discourage illegal imports. 

DuPont Refrigerants selected a DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solution as the foundation for their program.  The Brand Assurance program utilizes the DuPont™ Izon® 3D holographic technology as well as an imbedded code that allows for greater product tracking and traceability.  DuPont Refrigerants global business manager Diane Picho said, “We’re taking a leadership position by implementing measures to curtail this activity, and we hope other manufacturers will follow our lead.”

View Video Beth Sassano, Global Marketing Manager DuPont Refrigerants, talks about the new DuPont Refrigerants Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Initiative. The Brand Assurance Program uses a proprietary DuPont technology which involves the patented DuPont™ Izon® 3D holographic label.

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Please see DuPont Refrigerants Brand Assurance Anti-Counterfeiting Program for more details.