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Parent-Child Data Architecture

The data architecture within the DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system allows brand owners to track products as they are packaged into boxes, subsequently into cartons and finally into pallets.  The e-Pedigree product information is maintained at all levels of packaging and is tied through the product serial number to the invoice.  The shipper is then tied to the invoice to maintain all product unit-level information for each shipment.  All of this data is stored in the secure DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system and can be accessed throughout the chain based on customer-defined authorization levels. 

Key Capabilities

  • Tracking within multiple levels of packaging
  • Parent-child data architecture can be repeated as many times as needed
  • Data uploaded to DuPont™ Traceology™ Product Tracking System each time a carton, box or pallet is scanned
  • Electronic date stamping ensures for accurate product tracking