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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

Multi-Level Distribution Tracking

The DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system provides enhanced track and trace capabilities to second and third tier distribution levels allowing a clear view of a company’s distribution chain.  These capabilities allow for product to be unpacked and repacked throughout the distribution chain while still maintaining the unit-level data within each box, carton and pallet.  This unique capability illuminates your supply chain by maintaining e-Pedigree product information and product movement throughout your distribution chain. 

DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system

Enhanced Track & Trace Capabilities
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Track & Trace Capabilities

  • Izon® Data MatrixData integrity maintained through the unpack and repacking of product within the distribution chain
  • 2D barcode or human readable serial numbers for easy e-authentication via web or mobile device
  • Propritetary DuPont™ Traceology™ 2D barcode scanner for quick and secure end-user data tracking and e-authentication
  • Unique 2D barcodes on each DuPont™ Izon™ hologram that can only be decoded by the DuPont™ Traceology™ 2D barcode scanner
  • Robust backbone for loyalty marketing campaigns to create enhanced customer engagement at an individual customer level
  • Direct-to-web enablement to drive targeted digital content to customers

Customizable Reporting Suite Sample 

  1. Asset History Report
  2. Container Contents Report
  3. Distributor Invoice Report