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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

DuPont™ Traceology™ Product Tracking System

global product tracking systemDuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions includes the cloud computing DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system, which allows brand owners and other large multi-national organizations the ability to track and trace their products globally through the value chain.  This electronic technology, incorporated into our anti-counterfeit technology, helps to illuminate your supply chain by capturing product movement data throughout your chain.  This system incorporates manufacturing, product, and multi-level distribution data to ensure a safe and secure supply chain with unit level track and trace capabilities.

The DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system manages hundreds of millions of records annually for our customers across an array of industries.

DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system

This technology has three key capabilities:
Product e-Pedigree Capability

  • Static & variable product information capture
  • e-Pedigree traceability
  • Customizable data input & capture

Parent-Child Data Architecture
  • Unit level tracking within multiple levels or layers of packaging
  • Linked asset history to identify unit-level product movement
  • Efficient integration capability with existing distribution processes

Multi-Level Distribution Tracking
  • Enhanced tracking technology to protect against unauthorized sales channels (parallel market or diversion)
  • Tracking data integrity maintained through unpack and repack process within distribution chain


Additional Capabilities Marketing Campaigns
  • DuPont™ Traceology™ product tracking system provides backbone for marketing & loyalty programs.

DuPont™ Izon® Holographic Security
  • The world class security of DuPont™ Izon® hologram labels provide an unmatched supply chain security solution for global brand owners and government organizations.