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DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

The Science of Anti-Counterfeiting

Planning, Technologies, Vigilance

Unlicensed manufacturing, product diversion, forgeries and related illegal activities have grown sharply in recent years. Resulting costs to businesses add up to more than $500 billion a year, according to industry experts.

Staying Ahead of the Criminals

For more than just temporary or cosmetic results, today's anti-counterfeiting professionals look beyond just the latest technology adoptions, which others can quickly copy. Longer-lasting solutions involve technologies with built-in barriers to rapid adoption. Real solutions also typically involve layered programs, along with active response planning and vigilant monitoring.

Multi-Layered Programs with Advanced Technologies

DuPont scientific advances and anti-counterfeiting technology leadership bring new answers to the problem of getting and staying ahead.

DuPont experts assist customers with adoptions of this technology, by working closely with solution integrators and offering electronic assurance programs for improved monitoring and control of global supply chains.

The real science of protection against real threats to product or document authenticity involves the kind of leadership and commitment to R&D that only a partner like DuPont Anti-Counterfeit Solutions can deliver and sustain in today's fast-changing world.