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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I find the DuPont ™ Automotive Protection Package?
    DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package is only sold through Certified Automobile Dealerships, please call the DuPont™ Customer Care toll free at 1-888-227-3093 to locate a Certified Dealership.

  2. Can I wax over the Paint Protector?
    Yes, however please wait 24 hours after the application of the Paint Protector so it has time to fully cure allowing the cross-linking molecules to form.

  3. What is the difference between DuPont Automotive Protection Package and over the counter items?
    DuPont™ Paint, Fabric and Leather Protector Products have cross-linking capabilities allowing the products to physically attach to their intended surface. This creates a barrier to help defend against certain elements whether created by nature or man made mishaps.

  4. Are the DuPont ™ Automotive Protection Products backed by a guarantee?
    The products are backed by a Guarantee included with the purchase of the DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package application. The guarantee covers new and used vehicles for 5 years from application. Please review the guarantee for terms and conditions.

  5. What happens if I sell my vehicle before the guarantee is expired? Can it be transferred to the new owner?
    DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package guarantees can be transferred to one subsequent owner for up to one year. Please review the guarantee for all terms, conditions and for the guarantee transfer registration form.

  6. How often does the DuPont ™ Automotive Protection Package need to be reapplied to the vehicle?
    Reapplication is only necessary if an area has been repainted or replaced since the original application.

  7. How do I maintain the appearance of my vehicle once the DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package has been applied?
    You should maintain the interior of your vehicle by frequent vacuuming of the interior carpet and upholstery and by promptly cleaning up any spills. You should maintain the exterior of your vehicle by regular washing and by promptly removing any deposits that could cause permanent damage. Please refer to your Car Care Tips for further information.

  8. Doesn’t my new vehicle already have a protection package on it?
    After your vehicle has been manufactured a protective wrap is placed on the exterior to protect it from environmental contaminants when transporting to the dealership. Once the wrap is removed your dealership must maintain the protection while on their lot. Most interiors are not treated to protect against everyday spills and stains. Now it’s your turn to provide your vehicle the protection it needs.

  9. Can I purchase the DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package and have it applied to my current vehicle?
    Yes, contact DuPont™ Customer Care at 1-888-227-3093 for the nearest DuPont™ Automotive Protection Package Certified Automobile Dealership to purchase this product.

  10. How do I make a claim?
    Call DuPont™ Customer Care toll free at 1-888-227-3093 or access the online claim form.