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DuPont Refinish

Multinational Corporation DuPont de Nemours is the World leader in manufacturing of assembly-line and car repair enamels.   Being the world leader in the field of color research, development and introduction of new technologies, it provides car repair products characterized by color accuracy, high repair quality, business efficiency and profitability. DuPont de Nemours ranks third among the leading paint manufacturers.

DuPont Refinish is headquartered in Mechelen (Belgium) just a half-hour drive from Brussels. Corporate training center and car repair materials factory are located there as well.

DuPont Refinish offers a wide range of products and services for Russia, CIS and Baltic states: starting with a large assortment of paint materials, simple and reliable color match tools and ending with the innovative equipment for paint and body shops. Our partners provide design and supply equipment for points of repair and train managerial and operating staff.

DuPont Refinish’s products will not only help you restore damaged car coating: our exclusive chameleon paint ChromaLusion TM will make a production car look unique; polyurethane enamel Imron® will reliably protect your equipment operating in aggressive environment.


Major repair systems offered by DuPont Refinish to CIS markets are Centari® and Duxone®. We offer the whole range of materials for car coating recovery: from prime coats and fillers to polishes and paints with “special effects”.

For a high-class car repair precise color matching is essential.  That is why we attach great significance to color accuracy. In addition to color catalogues (which consists of sample color test sheets), we provide color matching software ColorQuick®  together with spectrophotometer ChromaVision®. You may also visit our online database DuPont Colour Retrieval System, which contains all new color formulas. The information is updated 4 times a week.

DuPont Refinish provides the whole range of materials for car coating recovery from degreasing agents to polishers. DuPont Refinish trademark comprises prime coats and sealers, fillers and solvents, enamels and polishes i.e. everything necessary for a top-notch car repair. In many cases, coating recovered with the use of DuPont Refinish materials outperforms assembly-line enamel.

DuPont Refinish offers you the following materials:

Centari® - solventborne paint system;

Cromax® - waterborne basecoat system;


ChromaLusion TM  – exclusive chameleon paints;

Imron® Fleet Line  – new refinish system, specially developed by DuPont and designed for commercial vehicles.

From the early spring 2000, we have set up our own Training Center unparalleled in Russia. Training is run by Russian specialists, practitioners who are   in touch with the Russian repair industry. All the instructors have DuPont Refinish  certificates awarded by the West European Training Centers of DuPont. The instructors are assessed on a yearly basis in order to ensure that their expertise continuously grows. We  provide training courses for colorists and painters of various skill levels. The DuPont Refinish car repair products are distributed in Russia, CIS (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine) and the Baltic   (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) states.

For more information about DuPont Refinish products, labor safety and protection data, recommendations for application techniques, online color database  please visit DuPont Europe Web-Page: