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Technical Services

DuPont’s commitment to total product quality extends into the marketplace to the individual customer locations where our electrodeposition primers are used. Electrocoat technical service is provided at each customer location and augmented, as required, by various service support resources located throughout the Company.

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Service Support Group

DuPont maintains a permanent staff of experienced Electrocoat Technical Specialists to provide support to all electrocoat customers.
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Customer Response Team

A permanent staff of chemists and technicians is maintained exclusively to provide technical support, as needed, to resolve problems as they may occur at customer locations.
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Analytical Support

DuPont's Analytical Laboratories provide detection and identification support needed to identify and resolve plant problems as they occur.
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Biological Support

DuPont's Microbiology Laboratory provides assistance in the collection of samples, detection and identification of biological infections which occur from time to time in electrocoat systems.
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Mt. Clemens Facility

Facilities located at DuPont's Mt. Clemens, Michigan Laboratory are utilized to provide a variety of technical support activities.
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Automotive Applications Facility

Located in Troy, Michigan, this facility is available for use by DuPont and its customers and contains electrocoat tanks capable of coating car and truck bodies as well as smaller parts.