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Advantages of Electrocoat

Cost Effective...

Once the initial capital investment has been made, the electrodeposition process can significantly reduce operating expenses compared to conventional spray processes. These savings usually will result in "payback" of the incremental cost difference between electrodeposition and spray application investment during the initial 2-3 years of operation.

Science Image Automatic...

The electrodeposition process is a fully automated method of applying a quality coating. In most instances a single system operator is the only direct labor required. The individual performs the daily bath chemistry checks, monitors system operation, feeds the replenishment resin and pigment materials and performs routine system maintenance.

Energy consumption and normal maintenance costs of operation are significantly less with electrodeposition than with conventional spray application processes.


With proper attention to bath chemistry, operating parameters, and facility maintenance, an electrodeposition process is capable of providing the highest first-run capability of any coating process at very high line speeds. Coating film thickness can be controlled via voltage, and bath temperature adjustments to vary in only tenths of a mil over the entire workpiece.


The electrodeposition process provides the highest material transfer efficiency obtainable by any coating process. Using closed-loop ultrafilter rinsing, material utilization and recovery approaches 100%. The process is particularly efficient in coating partially closed interior box sections of automobile bodies. These areas are inaccessible to automatic spray application and would otherwise require extensive manual application with specialized spray equipment. Even so, uniformity of coating thickness would not approach the capability of electrodeposition and transfer efficiency of a manual spray application would be extremely low.

Environmentally Safe...

Electrodeposition coatings are water-based and contain as little as 1-3% volatile organic solvent. An electrodeposition system goes a long way toward making an automotive assembly plant a good neighbor in terms of solvent emissions.

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