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What is Electrocoat?

In short, electrocoating (also called e-coating or electrodeposition) is the process by which a metallic workpiece is submerged in a paint / water bath and electricity is used to deposit paint onto the workpiece. The electrodeposition process is the most automatic, controllable, and efficient method for applying a corrosion inhibiting primer to a metallic workpiece.

In a full system application, electrocoat is applied between the phosphate and primer layers.  The electrocoat layer is the primary corrosion protection layer.

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Advantages of Electrocoat

Electrodeposition offers five primary advantages over conventional spray application...
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History of Electrocoat

The first use of electrodeposition to apply an organic coating to metal occurred in the 1930’s...
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Electrocoat Process Overview

The electrodeposition process consists of deposition of the coating, post rinsing, and curing the film...