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DuPont Biotech Insight Series

We are excited to launch the DuPont Biotech Insight Series in 2014. The Insight Series will explore emerging biotechnology issues with practitioners and recognized experts from diverse fields of study such as law, ethics, culture and business. DuPont will host sessions focused on a specific biotechnology topic and periodically issue reports on the meetings and expert perspectives.

The Insight Series builds on DuPont’s commitment to seek guidance and feedback from a wide range of experts on biotech issues. In 2000, DuPont formed an independent panel to inform our planning, development, testing and commercialization of new products based on biotechnology. Over 13 years, 19 leaders from around the world contributed to the Biotechnology Advisory Panel and delivered periodic reports. We appreciate the commitment of panel members and the valuable insights they provided during their tenure. View the list of Panel Alumni and read Biotechnology Advisory Panel Reports on the Biotech Advisory Panel page.