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2007 News Releases

December 2007

 December 3, 2007
DuPont Joint Venture with Chinese Biotech Firm Strengthens Gene Discovery Research Efforts
Focus on Identifying New Biotech Traits to Improve Farmer Productivity »

November 2007

November 13, 2007
DuPont Updates Investors on its Applied BioSciences Growth Opportunities
Bio-Based Technologies Pipeline is Rapidly Advancing to Deliver New Products to Markets »

November 13, 2007
DuPont Congratulates Cullers on Breaking World Record Soybean Yield with Pioneer® Brand Soybean Variety
Set with Pioneer® Brand 94M80, Yielding 154 Bushels Per Acre »

November 8, 2007
Post-Harvest Research Summaries Confirm Pioneer® Brand Hybrids with Herculex® XTRA More Effective Against Corn Rootworm
DuPont Business Pioneer Hi-Bred Sees Three Bushel Yield Advantage with Herculex® XTRA Trait vs. Competitors »

October 2007

October 30, 2007
DuPont and Evogene Collaborate to Increase Drought Tolerance in Corn and Soybeans
Will Advance the Progress of DuPont Drought Tolerance R&D Efforts »

October 24, 2007
EU Approves Herculex® RW Corn for Food, Feed, Import and Processing
Imports into the European Union Also Authorized for Corn Stacked with Herculex® I and RoundupReady® Corn 2 Traits »

October 19, 2007
Biotechnology Needed to Help Meet Growing Global Needs for Food, Feed, Fuel and Materials, DuPont Chairman & CEO Says at World Food Prize
The World Food Prize is the foremost international award recognizing the achievements of individuals who have advanced human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world. »

October 18, 2007
DuPont Named Among Top Biotechnology Employers by Science Magazine
DuPont Ranks Ahead of Other Companies in Plant Biotechnology Industry »

October 17, 2007
DuPont Recognized for Best Agricultural R&D Pipeline and Products
Award for Bringing Leading-Edge Technology to Growers »

October 2, 2007
DuPont Technologies Addressing Biofuels Challenges, Says Ethanol Biofuels Leader
Driven Approach Will Increase Production and Efficiency »

September 2007

 September 21, 2007
DuPont Launches Breakthrough Technology that Significantly Increases Soybean Yields
Increases Yields up to 12 Percent »

September 21, 2007
DuPont Partners with Iowa State to Enhance Biofuels Production
Farm to Integrate Growing, Processing Crops for Biofuels and Biomaterials »

August 2007

August 15, 2007
DuPont Leaders Brief Investors on Agriculture Businesses
Addressing Increased Demand for Food, Feed, Fuel, Materials ┬╗

August 6, 2007
DuPont Discovery Improves Livestock Feed, Environmental Quality
Scientists Identify and Silence Plant Gene That Controls Phytic Acid ┬╗

July 2007

 July 31, 2007
DuPont, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Join Forces to Boost Crop Yields, Meet Global Demand
R&D Collaboration to Bring New Choices, More Options to Global Agriculture »

July 2, 2007
DuPont Meets Regulatory Milestones for Optimum™ GAT™ Trait in Corn
Company Stays on Track for 2010 Commercial Introduction of Next-Generation Herbicide Tolerance Trait in Corn »

June 2007

June 27, 2007
DuPont and FOSS Announce Joint Agreement to Enhance Ethanol Production
Effort Provides Farmers and Ethanol Producers Ethanol Yield Potential of Grain at Delivery »

June 26, 2007
DuPont Invests $58 Million to Construct Two Biofuels Facilities
Biobutanol Technology Research and Demonstration Facility, Ethanol Facility Being Built in Partnership with BP, British Sugar »

June 13, 2007
DuPont Launches Renewably Sourced™ Materials Portal
Nine Renewably Sourced Product Families for Automotive, Carpeting, Industrial Fluids, Packaging, Personal Care and Textiles Markets Featured on Portal »

June 12, 2007
New Research Center Strengthens DuPont Leadership Position in Brazil Seed Market
Continued Investment in R&D Brings Better Genetics, Traits to Market Faster »

June 5, 2007
DuPont Addressing Global Demand for Grain
Vice President Updates Investors on Crop Genetics Research Pipeline »

June 1, 2007
DuPont’s Market-Driven Science Addressing Global Mega Trends in Energy, Food and Security
Updates Investors on Wide-Ranging Growth Opportunities »

May 2007

May 7, 2007
Genetic Diversity Key to Solving Future Global Challenges
Genetic Resources Will Be Lost Forever »

May 2, 2007
DuPont Biofuels Leader Addresses Economics Needed for Mass Adoption of Biofuels
John Ranieri Affirms DuPont Strategy to Bring Biofuels to Market »

April 2007

April 27, 2007
Herculex® RW Rootworm, Herculex XTRA Trait Have Overseas Approvals
Biotech trait marketer issues clarification due to industry concern over export market approvals »

April 26, 2007
DuPont submits Optimum™ GAT™ Trait in Soybeans for EU approval
Next-generation herbicide tolerant trait awaiting EFSA safety evaluation »

April 11, 2007
DuPont to Help Meet Growing Demand for Plant Breeders
Partnership with Purdue University Develops Scientists to Address Global Demand for Grain »

April 4, 2007
Herculex® RW Advances Toward EU Approval With Positive Scientific Safety Opinion
Biotech trait offers farmers improved productivity to meet increased demand for corn »

March 2007

March 21, 2007
DuPont Announces New Biotechnology Advisory Panel Member
DuPont today announced the addition of Dr. Jiayang Li to its external Biotechnology Advisory Panel. »

March 14, 2007
DuPont Opens First Major Plant Biotech Research Center Outside United States
DuPont Knowledge Center in India Will Help Bring New Crop Genetics to the Market Faster »

March 13, 2007
Court Confirms DuPont Ownership of Soybean Marker Technology
Judgment Upholds Patent for Development of Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance »

March 9, 2007
DuPont Leader Reviews Strategy to John Ranieri Addresses World Biofuels Markets Conference in Brussels »

March 1, 2007
DuPont Innovations to Help Agriculture Meet Global Challenges
R&D Leaders: Advanced Seed Products, Biofuels, and Biomaterials Just the Beginning »

February 2007

February 28, 2007
U.S. Department of Energy Jointly Funds Broin Project to Commercialize DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol Technology
Partnership with Broin Accelerates Commercialization of DuPont Cellulosic Technology to 2009 »

February 27, 2007
DuPont Executes Investments to Accelerate New Seed Product Development
Plan Expands R&D to Meet Demand for Better Genetics, Biotech Traits »

February 21, 2007
DuPont Biofuels Leader Provides Business Update at Alternative Energy Symposium
DuPont Commercialization Strategies for Cellulosic Ethanol, Biobutanol Advancing »

February 13, 2007
DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition Growing and Advancing Rich Pipeline of New Technologies
Growth Driven by Better Seed Products, Increased Biotech Penetration and Crop Protection Advances »

February 1, 2007
DuPont Accelerating Biofuels Development, U.S. Senate Energy Committee is Told
DuPont Bio-Based Technology Leader Outlines Company’s Biofuels Strategy »

January 2007

January 25, 2007
DuPont Technologies to Help Farmers and Others Meet President Bush’s Biofuels Challenge
Commercializing Cellulosic Ethanol Technology, Increasing Grain and Ethanol Yields and Next-Generation Biofuels are Key Drivers »