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2008 News Releases

December 2008

December 11, 2008
Herculex® Receives Regulatory Approval in Brazil
Biotech Trait Should Lead to Greater Productivity, Profitability for Brazilian Farmers »

December 10, 2008
Matching Genetics, Technology and Management Practices Critical to Meeting Strong Demand for Agricultural Crops
DuPont Leader says “Right Product, Right Acre” Key to Top Productivity »

November 2008

November 25, 2008
Biotech Endorsement Insurance Discount Expanded to Nebraska, Kansas Growers Planting Corn with HERCULEX® XTRA Traits
Corn producers in Kansas and Nebraska planting products with the HERCULEX® XTRA traits are now eligible for crop insurance premium reductions through the Biotech Endorsement program. »

November 21, 2008
DuPont Opens Research & Development Center in India
DuPont Knowledge Center is First Integrated Knowledge Center Outside the United States »

October 2008

October 23, 2008
DuPont and State of Delaware Unveil $80 Million Innovation Center Partnership
Driven Science Facility Opens at Company’s Global R&D Headquarters in Wilmington »

October 15, 2008
DuPont Danisco Cellulosic Ethanol LLC Breaks Ground for First Biofuels Pilot Facility
Facility to Open in 2009 Converting Corn Cob and Switchgrass to Cellulosic Ethanol »

October 2, 2008
DuPont Meeting Significant 2008 Milestones in Progressing Advanced Biofuels
DuPont BioFuels Leader Provides Business Update to Investors  »

September 2008

September 23, 2008
DuPont’s Board of Directors Appoints Ellen J. Kullman President and Board Member; Will Become Chief Executive Officer Effective Jan. 1, 2009
Charles O. Holliday, Jr. to Continue as Chairman During Transition »

September 22, 2008
DuPont Opens India Corn Research Facility to Boost Productivity »
The new center is the fifth research facility in India for DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and will develop high-yielding hybrids adapted to the unique growing conditions in the area  »

September 9, 2008
DuPont Advances Sustainable Packaging with New Renewably Sourced Offering and Industry Program
Its introduction extends the use of PLA -- a bio-based alternative to petrochemical-derived products -- to applications beyond chilled foods and beverages. »

August 2008

August 26, 2008
New DuPont Laser Technology Speeds Development of Higher Yielding Corn and Soybeans
Technology a Big Step in Increasing Corn and Soybean Yields 40 Percent in 10 Years »

August 25, 2008
DuPont Boosts Seed Research in Europe to Extend Leadership Position
Two New State-of-the-Art Research Centers to Deliver Higher Yielding Corn and Sunflower Hybrids »

August 19, 2008
DuPont Obtains Biotechnology Endorsement for Pioneer® Brand Products
Growers Planting Pioneer Products with Herculex® XTRA Will Qualify for Lower Crop Insurance Rates »

August 6, 2008
DuPont and Hexima Partner to Develop and Commercialize Fungal Disease Resistance Technology
In this collaboration, DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and Hexima will combine certain intellectual property and anti-fungal protein assets to accelerate the development and commercialization of transgenic fungal disease resistance technology in corn, soybeans and other crops. »

July 2008

July 23, 2008
DuPont Danisco and University of Tennessee Partner to Build Innovative Cellulosic Ethanol Pilot Facility
Fast-Track Pilot Plant Will Develop Commercialization Technology for Corn Stover and Switchgrass; Facility to Open in 2009 »

July 17, 2008
DuPont Soybean Leadership Advances with U.S. Approval of Optimum® GAT® Trait
Regulatory Milestone Key Step in Bringing Higher Productivity to Soybean Growers »

June 2008

June 5, 2008
DuPont Science to Drive Increased Global Agricultural Productivity
DuPont Crop Genetics Research Leader Details New Technologies at Investors’ Conference »

June 3, 2008
More Can Be Done Now to Address the Growing Global Demand for Grain
Increasing Yields the Best Option, Says DuPont Leader at UN Food and Agriculture Conference »

May 2008

May 21, 2008
DuPont Leader Urges United Nations to Move Agriculture Higher on Agenda
Agricultural Technology Critical in Addressing Global Food Crisis »

May 14, 2008
DuPont and Genencor Create World-Leading Cellulosic Ethanol Company
Joint Venture Combines Companies’ Strengths in the Development and Deployment of Second Generation Ethanol from Non-Food Feedstocks to Address $75 Billion Market Opportunity »

May 5, 2008
DuPont Strengthens Commitment to Responsible Science with New Biotech Advisory Panel Members
DuPont today announced the addition of Deepak Pental, Ph.D., and Rebecca Goldburg, Ph.D., to its external Biotechnology Advisory Panel. »

April 2008

April 25, 2008
DuPont Partnering with China to Increase Farm Productivity
DuPont Crop R&D Leader Discusses Pioneer Hi-Bred Biotechnology Leadership at Beijing Ag Summit »

April 24, 2008
DuPont Launches Renewably Sourced Solutions for Packaging Market
These new offerings demonstrate the power of marrying DuPont’s core competency in materials and polymer science with our leadership in bio-based technologies and renewable feedstocks. »

April 21, 2008
DuPont Recognizes Breakthroughs in Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging Presents Growth Opportunity for Company »

April 14, 2008
Survey Says U.S. Consumers Are Willing to Pay a Premium for Renewably Sourced Products
An October 2007 survey shows that 65% of U.S. consumers are willing to pay more for products made with renewable resources. »

March 2008

March 31, 2008
DuPont Donates Sequences from Corn Disease Agent to Advance Research
Pioneer Disease-Resistant Lines Advance to Market »

March 18, 2008
Research Confirms Better Oil from New DuPont High Oleic Soybean Trait
Bunge, DuPont Alliance on Track to Deliver First Biotech Product with Direct Consumer Benefits »

March 14, 2008
DuPont Ranks First in Biotech Patents, Innovation
DuPont has achieved top rankings in science and patent strength according to several leading indicators published by The Patent Board™ and Nature Biotechnology. »

March 12, 2008
DuPont and Arcadia Biosciences Collaborate to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Corn
DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred has exclusive rights to Arcadia’s proprietary technology for improving nitrogen use efficiency in corn. »

March 12, 2008
The Patent Board™ and Nature Biotechnology Rank DuPont No. 1 Innovator in Chemical Industry and No. 1 in Biotech Patents
DuPont has achieved top rankings in science and patent strength according to several leading indicators published by The Patent Board™ and Nature Biotechnology. »

March 6, 2008
DuPont Launches Next Generation Technology to Accelerate Corn Research and Increase Productivity
New Facility Combines Cutting-Edge Robotics, Imaging for 24/7 Research »

February 2008

February 28, 2008
DuPont Innovation to Increase Corn Yields, Simplify Compliance
Optimum® AcreMax™ New Insect Protection System Introduced to U.S. Farmers »

February 27, 2008
DuPont Strengthens Leading Biotechnology Position with Leadership Changes
Company Addressing Growing Global Demand for Biotech-Based Materials, Fuel, Food, Feed »

February 22, 2008
Advanced Technologies Key to Meeting Increased Demand for Grain
DuPont Leader Discusses Agricultural Productivity at USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum »

February 14, 2008
DuPont and BP Disclose Advanced Biofuels Partnership Targeting Multiple Butanol Molecules
New Data Proves Biobutanol Can Increase the Blending of Biofuels in Gasoline Beyond the Current 10 Percent Limit for Ethanol »

February 12, 2008
DuPont Unveils New Strategies to Increase Farmer Productivity
Better Corn Insect Control System, Higher Soybean Yields, Broader Seed Business Reach in Brazil »

February 11, 2008
DuPont and Precision BioSciences Collaborate to Accelerate Crop Product Development
Engineering Technology to Bring New Choices, More Options to Global Agriculture »

February 6, 2008
DuPont and Kansas State University Research Foundation Partner To Commercialize Sorghum Herbicide-Tolerant Traits
The new traits, developed by Kansas State University researchers, include an ALS-herbicide- tolerant trait and an ACCase-herbicide tolerant trait. »

February 4, 2008
DuPont Hosts Meeting of Leading Plant Scientists to Improve World Agricultural Productivity
Three-day Symposium Focuses on Improving Drought Tolerance »

January 2008

January 25, 2008
DuPont Chief Science & Technology Officer Offers Perspectives on Science and Global Policymaking at Davos World Economic Forum
Uma Chowdhry offered her perspectives on the importance of science in the formation of global policy during a discussion at the World Economic Forum. »

January 14, 2008
DuPont Names Nicholas Fanandakis as Group Vice President - DuPont Applied BioSciences
Company Accelerating Efforts to Commercialize Bio-Based Technologies to Meet Growing Global Demand »