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Guiding Principles

The DuPont View on the Role of Biotechnology

DuPont is putting science to work by creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life everywhere.

We believe the broad field of biotechnology presents important opportunities that should be explored and developed to identify those safe and commercially viable applications that bring significant benefits to society. These opportunities arise in areas including food, materials, energy generation, polymers, sensors and electronics. Benefits may include lower cost, higher quality products and reduced reliance on fossil fuels along with other environmental benefits.

Within this context, we support the responsible application of biotechnology including, where appropriate, the selective use of genetic engineering.

We believe the tools of biotechnology can help generate more affordable, efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions.

We believe that ethical discussions concerning the impact of biotechnology must include the benefits and consequences of applying and not applying biotechnology to the world’s problems. We believe the good that can be accomplished is only beginning to be realized.

We apply the following Bioethics Guiding Principles to our research, development and commercialization of biotechnology.

DuPont Biotechnology: Bioethics Guiding Principles

  1. Safety
    DuPont will develop products derived from biotechnology that are at least as safe for people and the environment as their conventionally produced (or existing) counterparts using the best available scientific knowledge.

  2. Sustainability
    DuPont will develop products derived from biotechnology that enhance sustainability.

  3. Biodiversity
    DuPont will strive to protect and conserve natural resource biodiversity.

  4. Transparency
    DuPont is committed to consumer access to information in support of knowledgeable choices.

  5. Stakeholder Engagement
    DuPont will engage stakeholders and consider their diverse viewpoints in its decision-making process for products derived from biotechnology.

    See also the DuPont Standard for Open and Public Discussion, Influence on Public Policy.

  6. Developing Economies Contribution
    DuPont will endeavor to be socially and culturally responsible as it shares knowledge and appropriate technology in developing economies to help improve food security, renewable energy, and protection to sustainably improve the quality of life.

  7. Access to Genetic Resources
    DuPont will strive to identify the owner(s) of natural biological resources and knowledge selected for research and product development and will develop fair and equitable business arrangements that recognize the contributions of the involved parties. To the extent possible, arrangements will be made public.

  8. Product Stewardship
    Consistent with Company-wide Product Stewardship Standards, DuPont will extract, make, use, handle, package, transport and dispose of materials from biotechnology safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

    And DuPont will continuously analyze and improve its practices, processes and products to reduce their risk and impact throughout the product life cycle.

    See also DuPont Safety Health and Environment Commitment