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Plenish™ High Oleic Soy: Product Benefits

Food Industry Benefits

PlenishTM high oleic soybean oil displays higher heat stability for frying, increasing fry life and improving the flavor of fried products, as well as decreasing equipment maintenance. In addition, the high stability of the oil works for manufacturing baked goods and may extend the shelf life for manufactured products such as cookies, crackers and cereals.

Grower-friendly, high-yielding Pioneer genetics

PlenishTM high oleic soybeans are Pioneer® brand Y-Series varieties and were developed using Pioneer’s exclusive Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) system. The new high oleic varieties are part of a next generation of high-performing Pioneer® brand soybean products with bred-in pest resistance traits and a strong agronomic package.

Pioneer is developing a large number of PlenishTM high oleic soybean products with diverse maturities and key agronomic and defensive traits, including SCN resistance, Phytophthora resistance and SDS resistance.

Bio-Based Industrial Applications

Vegetable oils have several advantages to petroleum-based oils including lubricity, lower volatility and a high flash point. However, they suffer from a lack of oxidative stability that can prevent their use in certain high temperature environments. High oleic soybean oil has exceptional heat and oxidative stability and can be used in high temperature and extended use applications where conventional soybean oil is not an option. Applications include: lubricant formulations, dielectric fluids, polyols, plastics, foams and adhesives.