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Plenish™ High Oleic Soy: Product Overview

Many segments of the food industry have turned to low linolenic soybean oil and non-soy oil options in recent years. This transformation has been largely driven by food companies’ desire to eliminate partial hydrogenation, a process that increases oil stability and lengthens the shelf life of packaged foods but, unfortunately, produces unhealthy trans fats.

Plenish™ high oleic soybean oil offers an  attractive trans fat solution to the food industry. The high oleic content makes the oil extremely stable, eliminating the need for partial hydrogenation.

  • 0g trans fat
  • 20 percent less saturated fat than commodity soybean oil and 75 percent less than palm oil
  • Oleic content of more than 75 percent, the highest of any soybean under commercial development and similar to olive oil
  • Linolenic content of less than 3 percent for better oil stability

PlenishTM high oleic soybeans were developed using a biotech process known as gene silencing. This process was used to suppress expression of an enzyme in the seed to limit the amount of linoleic and linolenic acid developed, and increased the content of oleic acid. By using a biotech process we were able to develop a very stable trait that produces more than 75 percent oleic acid, despite the varying environments soybeans may be grown in.